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US -Midget V8 - 500 HP

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Es geht noch toller!
Was stammt da wohl noch aus 1967?

" This car now has it's third hemi, first was a 392, then a 426, and now the 478.
About four years ago we sold the original 426 and threw out the original frame and suspension that my dad constructed in the late sixties, we basically started over to take advantage of more modern suspension and brake components.
The entire car was constructed in our garage, my dad and I machined all the parts and I got to weld them all together.
The engine, a 478 CI, uses a cast iron block that is available through MOPAR. It has Aluminum cylinder heads made by STAGE 5 Engineering. It uses a custom intake that we designed and built. All of the fuel injectors are hidden inside the plenum. The spark plug wires go through the firewall to an ELectromotive distributorless ignition/fuel system.
I dont know the exact weight of the engine but the horsepower should be in the 500 range. We will be tuning on a chassis dyno within a couple of months.
The Hemi is adapted to a Corvette 700R4 which is then connected by a 6" long driveshaft to a 1990 Corvette rear suspension that has been narrowed to fit the car. All of the pick-up points of the rear suspension had to be relocated to keep the camber change the same as the stock Corvette. The rear-end ratio is 2.59, the trans has a real low first gear.
The front suspension uses Corvette uprights with 13" front rotors, we made the control arms to acheive the same camber/toe change as the stock corvette front suspension.
The rear wheels are 17x9.5 ZR1 corvette wheels, the fronts are the same wheels but they had to be narrowed to avoid hitting the valve covers at full lock.
The external sprite body is essentially stock, the inner unibody has been gone since 1967, The car weighs 2650 with a full tank of gas and with me sitting in the car (I'm 6'4" -220 lbs). The measured weight distribution is 49%F/51%R. We have not done any performance tests yet but plan to as soon as we install a roll bar.
The car has huge mufflers that keep it fairly quiet. It really seemed like it would drive like a "weird" car but it is very smooth and seems to handle very well. "

In Europa geht das sicherlich nicht!

“Have no fear of perfection – you`ll never reach it”.


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